Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Electronic Scrap Metal fetches lucrative prices for recycling purposes

Homes are neat and tidy but what happens when one has a look at the back yard or possibly a store room? It may be filled with piles of electronic scrap which are the remains or damaged portions of

● Computers and it's parts
● Electronic circuit boards
● Circuit boxes

Without real using, the owner may consider it to be trash and throw it in the backyard. But the Electronic scrap metal can actually be sold to the scrapper for a decent price who can recycle the metal to produce a new product.

CCTV Scrap in New York City has made a name for itself in the scrap business over the years and has emerged as a trusted name.  Thus the services offered by the company in the Electronic scrap metal recycled products are mentioned below:

1 :-   The company offers lucrative packages for pick up services of the metal from the yards of the homes to the point of destination which is a scrapper who will recycle the products and save the environment.
2 :-  The professional use latest technology and trends to transform the scrap metal into latest products.

3 :- The company also takes care that the recycled products are produced within the set standards of recycling so that Ecosystem is not disturbed.

4 :-  The company has made a name for itself in the market and the staff is very helpful in providing full support team customers which aids in achieving faster client satisfaction. 

5 :-   Just do not pile your electronic waste at home and call them for assistance.

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